Sunday, July 13, 2008


July 1, 2008

I am waking up with thoughts on my mind , a few years ago i was a boy moving in a circuit trail in the city of Ibadan and enjoying it all the way . I remember those days at the polybadan where my father lectured , it was as if no other world existed . I cant just imagine what the Good Lord had perfected tha makes this same boy grow into a man with a wife and 2 kids . Time sure moves fast .

I celebrated my 32nd birthday on the 1st of July , sharing the same date of birth with my father, I had to wake up in the morning to say ' Hi Dad' and sending the usual compliments of birthdays across. Papa doesnt believe in marking days like this and i too likewise dont . Many call me a chip of the old bloc but as of today , that chip is becoming a rock in itself . A lot of people surprised me on this special day and this made me understand the power of relationships.

My parents and In laws were all over me like a baby and i felt like a child once again , the day fell on a working day and was a little dissapointed at first when my wife woke up and was like this is not as important as my 30th , and i sure wasnt in the mood for arguements . She had a training for that day and we left home together in the morning only for her to surprise me inside my office ( An Open plan office ) , my!!! i was taken aback and also taking into consideration i just moved to the new department in Lagos . It was altogether amusing as i really enjoyed the day to the fullest .

Now , the day has just begun . At this age , am still way below what i targeted for myself as a husband , father and son . I have a reason to live and i believe i would God willing .Amen

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