Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Be Renewed!!!

.... What a good day to be in the presence of people who love you and God who created us as intelligent beings .
I have been off this blog for a long time and it was just recently i looked up and saw that i have stopped giving ... Yes! giving . Giving to the blogging society what is required of me and to be on the threshold of knowing what others think of me .

I had my job taken away from me several months ago by the powers that be in an organisation that was supposedly based on Gods love . It was disheartening , it was a time of low self esteem since 2002 when i graduated from the University.

I still remember the day i received the letter . It was a RED Letter day. I called my wife told her what has transpired , God gave me the word that I will become a manager that week but it was not to be ..

But I thank God for His mercies over the months and particularly the woman that showed how much she meant to me during this periods. This post is serving as a COMEBACK for me at this time of my life , working as a Project Engineer in the Y'hello company in Nigeria.

We all need renewal in our lives . Do You have a story to TELL??
This is the avenue to speak your mind and tell us what you have gone through. I am renewed what about you

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